Hwarang Archery

Hwarang Archery is your source for Korean traditional archery and related items. Here, you can find horn bows, laminated bows, bamboo and carbon arrows, thumb rings, videos and many other items.

Hwarang Bow    
If what you want is a traditional bow that is beautiful, compact and powerful, then this bow is for you. This 48" bow is made mostly of natural materials. When braced, it looks exactly like the Korean horn bow; it is very hard to tell them apart. When shot, it performs almost exactly like a horn bow. More complete info can be found here

(Left) Shooting a Korean laminated bow in competition [Korea Military Academy, 2000]| (Right) Korean archery demonstration [Denton Hill, 2000]

Thumb Ring    
To shoot using the so-called 'Mongolian Release', it is best to use a thumb ring. These rings are made of horn. For the correct size, please tell me the circumference of your thumb at the knuckle. I will send a ring slightly larger, as your thumb will swell a bit with use, which is normal.
Crafting the Korean Bamboo Arrow Video    
Crafting the Korean Horn Bow Video    

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